The Training of Nikki Darling, Day Three

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I Diligence
– relates to principle Diligence
There is much rope left to coil and she is way too slow. I demonstrate how to handle the lay of the rope and get the job done quickly. Her estimate to finish goes from 48 hours to 1.

II the Infraction
She chooses to break a rule and not slither in the shooting range. I exact an equitable punishment with a crop.

III the Wager
– relates to object perform a slave dance
She is tied into a bucket yoke, the buckets filled with rocks, and she begins repetitions of squats. It burns. She works on some balance exercises. She squats some more, it burns some more. I bet she cannot do 15 squats in 20 seconds – she wins the chance to re-negotiate a rule.

IV the Principles
– relates to the principles of her training
She is ordered to think about the principles behind what she is doing in this basement while swallowing the gimp’s hard cock. Punishing whacks to the nipple from the crop guide her in her delivery. Several painful tries later, she articulates three reasonably appropriate principles.

V the Test
– relates to Homework on the process of pain
She is ordered to slowly fuck the gimp while a couple dozen clothespins are arranged in a zipper on her torso. She makes a hypothesis about endorphins based on her homework reading. We test her endorphin flow with a rip of the zipper, then order her to bounce her slutty ass on that cock will she comes over and over while reciting a screaming mantra of principles

VI the Fuck
– relates to Weakness in multi-tasking
She is put into a painfully strict slave stock and fucked like a beast from behind while reading from a book about leathersex. She is quickly overwhelmed and frustrated. The tears stain the pages.

VII the New Rule
– relates to objective Slave Dance
After composing herself, she dances for the cock before sucking it off to orgasm. She presents her ass for the load. She tells us what she has learned to date while the come drips down her thighs.


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The Training of Cassandra Nix, Day Three

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Trainer’s Report

Principles of her servitude:

  • Respect: for self – feed herself properly so that she is ready for use. No more tardiness to the set. No more missing flights.
  • Obedience: follow the directions given, and focus on just that
  • Loyalty: loyal to leather traditions

This update includes: Face slapping while masturbating, single tail whipping while in chain bondage and blindfold, sucking gimp cock, fucked doggie style by the gimp, gimp in straightjacket, pussy bondage, slave fucking


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The Training of an Anal Slut, Day One

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Penny Pax loves it in the ass, and I am considering turning her into my little anal slut. Does she have the right stuff?


I the Hydra:
The Hydra is a seven headed beast.
She is tied to the ceiling and made to balance on a 4×6 beem in heels. Her asshole is stuffed with a thick black plug on a stick, and her cute dress is cut to exposed her tits. She is handed a bucket of clothes pegs and twine, and told to put a 50 peg zipper on herself. Then, the Hydra is introduced. Seven hitachis all bundled together are pressed to her tiny cunt. The sound of seven vibes fills the room. Then I start asking questions.

II Key in a Haystack:
She is put into chains, taken to a 6 foot stack of hay and told to find the key. She is too slow, and she frustrates me. She is dragged around the set by the nipple in search of the non-existant key. This game begins to bore me and I decide it is more amusing to put her into various stress postions and extract training rules from her. She is quickly overwhelmed and begins to cry. I take pity on her, and put her in the corner with a bucket on her head, and tell her to whistle me a tune while I set up the next scene.

III All Pussies Must be Shaved:
Some prospective training goals and a couple of rules begin to take shape. We just need to get a read on the intensity of her orgasms and finalize the evolving curriculum.

She is tied securely to a hard wooden exam table, her thighs held open, and her labia pinned back to completely expose that wet, pink little clit. I turn a hose on it, the stream of water

– Bio of Emiliy Post
– Post’s definition of etiquette

This update contains: Anal training, butt plugs, pussy vibrating, erotic manual labor, stress positions, rope bondage, water torment, feet cropping, bastinado


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The Training of Nikki Darling, Day Two

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Day 2 Trainer’s Report

The Training Curriculum

Training Principles:

  • Humility
  • Dilegence
  • Authenticity

Training Goals:

  • To more fully submit
  • Erotisize obedience – make her wet to obey

Training Objectives:

  • Ego down
  • Use new ways to process pain
  • Stop squirming
  • to perform a slave dance

Training rules:

  • Use sir every time
  • Slither away like a worm
  • Permission to orgasm
  • Give thanks for beatings

Homework assigned:

  • Read and comment on article “The Molecular Chemistry of Lethersex”, by Geoff Mains

Training Narrative:

I Humility in Labor:
– relates to principle Dilegence
coiling the rope. She estimates 48 hours to complete the task!

II Cock Tease:
– relates to objective Slave Dance
gimp vet wrapped to electric chair. BJ scene where she dances to get the dick hard, and then she sucks it while being single tailed.

III The Quiz:
– relates to objective Stop squirming
she is tied to a box, pussy and ass open. Fucked in the ass with a ribbed butt plug till begging to come, and is denied. Plug is tied in, and gimp licks and sucks her pussy. She is then quizzed on her homework: a book report on Story of O. her nipples are clamped and tied to the ceiling. She is tapped with a cane and starts to cry, overwhelmed.

IV The Reward:
– relates to objective Stop squirming
– relates to her orgasms doggie style
She deserves to be fucked like a dog. She thanks us for the vigorous fuck with a volley of sharp barks. Good dog. Now get the cum.

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