THe Training of Cassandra Nix, Day Two

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Day 2 Trainer’s Report

The Training Curriculum

Training Principles:

  • respect
  • obedience
  • loyalty

Training Goals:

  • Focus, as it pertains to pain processing
  • Communication of what she is good for
  • Improve gag and hood skills

Training rules:

  • Sir before and after each statement
  • ask permission to orgasm

Homework assigned:

  • Guy Baldwin – One hand written paragraph that tells us who is Guy Baldwin.

Homework objective:

  • to connect the concept of principles to servitude; to raise an awareness of leather culture

Training Strategies:

I The Hobble
restraint with ropes, gag and hood. She is made to focus on formulating her principles of servitude while bound, hooded, gagged and beaten with a flogger. She must work through the distractions and focus on the task.

II The Gimp
Blowing the gimp in the BJ chair – trainee is instructed in oral service and made to orgasm with a hard cock down her throat

III the Fucking:
Trainee is strung up and made to bounce her slave pussy up and down the formidable length of the gimp’s hard shaft. She is made to suck off the cock and wear the come on her face while homework for the night is assigned.

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The Training of Nikki Darling, Day One

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I The interview:
Humiliating dildo handjob in shower room. Her nice dress is cut off. She is put into chains and a large bucket is filled with cold water. She is told the rules of the game: I am going to ask you some questions. When I hear what I want to hear, you get the flogger. When I do not hear what I want to her, it gets the bucket. She is drilled on what she is, what she wants, and what am I to do with her for 4 days. She needs a hint. We bargin, and she ends up held underwater, screaming.

II The Reward:
– assess her reactions to being hit.
She is tied up, pussy open, she likes pussy slaping – so a flogger will be better. She squirms and yelps like a farm animal while taking 50 whacks to the pussy. This must change.

III Dance:
– assess dance skills.
She is a dancer, so dance. It is awkward. Must work on this.

IV the Fuck Block:
– assess cowgirl strength
The girls do the work. She bounces on the fuckblock like a cowgirl for 20 minutes, while I crop her thighs, mostly.

V the Crop:
she feared the crop at the beginning, and here she is orgasming all over it. Kiss the crop.

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Training Coral Aorta, Day Four

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The final update from slave trainer JP. Coral is trained to submit to Derrick Pierce. She is tightly gagged, bound and suspended, then ordered to masturbate herself while taking her dominants hard cock in her pussy and mouth. Slave girl Aorta’s ass is stuffed with a steel plug, and she is humiliated with a load of hot come smeared all over her pretty face.


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The Training of Cassandra Nix, Day One

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Training Profile

  • Age: 20
  • Breasts: real
  • Cup size: A
  • Status: unowned
  • Category: porn star


  • adult industry since March 2011
  • has been tied to the bed by her boyfriend once or twice
  • most BDSM experience is through


  • canes, esp. to the feet and thighs
  • bondage and restraint
  • loss of control
  • when someone else decides
  • smacked in the face
  • the mindfuck


  • hard to find any dislikes


  • able to eroticize pain. States that pain can intensify orgasm for her


  • none stated, yet


  • enjoys denial
  • pain intensifies orgasm
  • has a deep g-spot
Indirect Assessment

Nix is a 20 year old porn starlet at the beginning of her journey into BDSM. Her interest piqued when an early boyfriend tied her to the bed and flogged her. She has been hooked ever since. She is gradually taking on more sensation and heavier scenes, showing an enthusiasm to discover more.

She is interested in pushing her limits to learn what her body is capable of.

Activities she finds most stimulating revolve around restraint and loss of control. Combined with her healthy interest in exploring pain, she appears to possess key characteristics of a good trainee.

Working Assumptions

Nix’s perceptions around BDSM are highly focused on self. Her experiences have been around largely body-centric activities that focus on her raw abilities to internalize and process restraint, loss of control and erotic pain. It is this slave trainer’s presumption that Nix’s innate talents would be best served by a foundation of principles and virtues.

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